Drywall Gypsum Board 4*8FT Sheetrocks Plaster Board

Gypsum Board

Paper-faced gypsum board is made of 95% pure natural gypsum powder as the main raw material, mixed with fiber as the core, and made of special paper as the protective surface. Paper-faced gypsum board has the characteristics of light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, strong processing performance and convenient construction method.

Standard Gypsum Board with ivory color gypsum board paper faced, high grade natural gypsum powder as main
material. It can be widely used in housing, hotel, theater, school and hospital etc.

Fireproof Gypsum Board with pink gypsum board paper faced, high fiber reinforced materials and fireproof additive as core materials, which extremely improve the fireproof capacity of the plasterboard. It can be widely used in high fireproof requirement environment, such as hotel, hospital, school, house and factory etc.

Waterproof /Moisture proof Gypsum Board with green gypsum board paper faced, high fiber reinforced material
and hydrophobic adsorbent as core materials, which extremely improve the waterproof capacity of the plasterboard.

Types: Standard Gypsum Board, Waterproof Gypsum Board, Fireproof Gypsum Board,Moisture Resistant Board
Material: 95% pure gypsum powder as main raw materials.
Edge: Tegular edge, Square edge
Packing: Two sheets are packed face to face with tapes.
Standard size: 1200x2400mm or 1220x2440mm, special size is available if bulk quantity.
LOGO: Extra cost needed if use your logo on the tapes, but our logo is free
Application:Normally it be used in housing, hotel, school, hospital, factory etc.
Shipping time: 7-20 working days after receiving your advance payment, some specifications are in stock


Regular Gypsum Board2400/2440/2500/2700/30001200/12209/9.5/10/12/12.5/13/15Square/Tegular
Fire Resistant Board2400/2440/2500/2700/30001200/12209/9.5/10/12/12.5/13/15Square/Tegular
Moisture Resistant Board2400/2440/2500/2700/30001200/12209/9.5/10/12/12.5/13/15Square/Tegular
Waterproof Gypsum Board2400/2440/2500/2700/30001200/12209/9.5/10/12/12.5/13/15Square/Tegular
Both metric and imperial systems are accept.

Quality Control:

COMPRESS TEST: every hour, please attention when it break SCREW HOLDING TEST: every two hours


THICKNESS TEST: every hour PAPER JOINT TEST: the less paper is gotten off,the better joint between paper and gypsum board

Technical Data:

ItemStandardTest Value
Rupture Load(N)Thickness 9.5mm-Vertical≥ 360440
 Thickness 9.5mm-Horizontal ≥ 140 205
Thickness 12mm-Vertical ≥ 500 590
Thickness 12mm-Horizontal≥ 180212
 Dimension Difference(mm) Length-6-0-0.1-0
Thickness 9.5mm± 0.5-0.1-0
Thickness 12mm± 0.6-0.1-0
The Stability of Meeting Fire (For Fireproof Gypsum board)Not Less Than 20min> 20min
Cater-corner Length Difference MM≤ 50-1
Inner Irradiation RatioI Ra ≤ 1.0I Ra < 1.0
Outer radiation RatioI γ ≤ 1.3I γ < 0.1
Weight per unit (kg/m² )-9.5thickness≤ 9.57.7
Class A

Production line:

Packing & Shipping:

Gypsum Ceiling System

Drywall Partition System



Gypsum Board Board 4*8FT Sheetrocks Plasterboard

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